The Conference

  • The vision

    Europe, the cradle of historical reformation, is threatened by secularism, islam and religious claims to supremacy.

    But the Lord wants a radical Re-Formation of every church, from the Roman-Catholic to contemporary church after Biblical standards, reviving Apostolic Christianity in Europe.

    This conference invites European leaders to prophetic worship and prayer, to searching of the Scriptures, and to an encounter with God’s presence.

  • Re-formation

    Re-Formation means re-forming church, independent of tradition, to the standards and life of Apostolic Christianity. No church or concept owns the answer to the challenges of Europe – Jesus established his body – the church to live according to his will.

    Re-Formation emphasizes:

    • The Bible as the sole authority – The Word of God is not in chains

    • The Gospel of salvation in Jesus, preached in Spirit and power

    • Righteousness by faith

    • The ministry of the believer – reviving the royal priesthood

    • The ministry gifts equipping the Body of Christ

    • The way of holiness

    • The Church of Jesus – a loving koinonia

    • The life of the Spirit: the fruit, the gifts, the Presence of the Holy Spirit

    • Israel: God’s own people with a unique calling

    • Marana tha – waiting for the Second Coming of the Lord

  • Organisation

    The conference is organised by Scandinavian School of Theology Leadership, which is an institution under the Scandinavian School of Theology Foundation. For more information, see

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